Why Do People Fear the End of the World?


End of the World?

Yet another end of the world prophecy. It seems like there’s always has to be some premonition of doomsday. We pass one only to find that there’s yet another coming.

Who knows maybe eventually someday one of these fearful scenarios will happen. Perhaps, the human race will eventually be extinguished and everything we are completely erased. Maybe it will be hell, fire, and brimstone like we were taught in Sunday school. I don’t know.

What I do know is that we are all going to die someday. That is inevitable. Each of us is given a specific length of time to be on this earth. It could be an hour or it could be a century. We could die in our sleep, crossing the street, or in a mass disaster. No one knows for sure but when it is our time, we will die.

I don’t mean to get dark here but I’ve often wondered why dying in some end of the world scenario would be so terribly different that dying of natural causes. If I’ve lived a good life, loved deeply, and tried to make the world a better place in my own small way, why would I care how or when I left this planet? If I lived each day as best I could, trying hard to take in what is most important and ignoring all the drama and distractions, why would it matter if I’d had a short or long time experiencing those things. I’m blessed, whether that be for a moment or a lifetime.

The Natural Grieving Process

If I were given a terminal cancer diagnosis, what would I do? Well, after I went through the normal process of grief, anger, and frustration, I’d probably try to get as much writing as I could. No, I probably wouldn’t be able to complete the rest of the 50+ (edging now to 75+)courses that I have outlines for or start some of the more creative projects I’d like to add to the site but whatever I did would have to be enough. Ultimately, I would be proud of my contribution.

Beyond that, it would be about family and friends. Above all, my grandson. Nothing special, just being sure to enjoy the time we have.

Even as I write that last sentence though, I have to wonder how that intention is different from today. Today, I’m writing- doing what I can with this moment. Later on, when my grandson gets home from school, we’ll spend time together. Yes, there are other chores and tasks to do in between but they support my life, they aren’t my life.

Ultimately, I do think that we should live our lives knowing that each day is a gift. While we all can’t quit our jobs and live on a tropical island, I think we can all find purpose and contentment in our real lives. Everyday provides us opportunities to reach out and connect to others; to find passion and make the world a better place; and perhaps most importantly to see the joys and gifts of each and every day.