Whole Health Therapy Solution


Are you in pain?


Feeling frustrated and unbalanced in your life?

Whole Health therapy may be the solution

Whole Health therapy is a integrative health system and a way of being. This methodology doesn’t just look to mask physical and emotional symptoms. Instead, using these resources, you can learn how to understand and use these valuable signals to help you find a healthy balance in all aspects (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual) of your life. Then, by acting upon this newfound knowledge, you come to see that symptoms are actually clues to how to live a happy healthy life full of loving connections and meaningful experiences.

In this way, Whole Health is a blanket term that includes a variety of alternative, complementary, and /or Transpersonal methodologies. Generally speaking, the role of Whole Health is two-fold. First, Whole Health therapy resources such as Reiki and other forms of energy work are used to cleanse the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual parts of our being, releasing any stagnant energy, blockages, scar tissue, trauma, drama, and the remnants of self-abuse. Essentially, this purging process brings the body back to its natural equilibrium.

Then, other Transpersonal methods such as meditation, guided imagery, shadow work, belief work, affirmations, afformations (an affirmation variation), journaling, and energy integrity training are used to redefine and integrate healthy sustainable ways of being. Finding that healthy stasis is key but sustaining it does take some effort. Therefore, not only do you have to come to terms with the root cause of your problems and issues but you must commit to sustainable changes that support that healthy balance, ignite your passion, and celebrate who you truly are.

Whole Health therapy for a balanced content-filled life, defined on your own terms.

Reiki A bio-energetic technique used for stress relief, relaxation, and cleansing of the dis-ease within the system. Reiki is key in Whole Health (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual) healing.

Transpersonal Psychology- a branch of psychology which focuses on self-understanding leading to a happy, sustainable life based upon unique personality traits, life goals, and a full range of life experiences.