Whole Health Methodologies


Whole Health Methodologies

The methodologies and techniques used in Whole Health can be best termed Transpersonal. Transpersonal techniques are associated with Transpersonal Psychology, a branch of study which is based upon the precept that self-understanding and self-acceptance of our genuine self leads to a happy, sustainable life based upon unique personality traits, life goals, and a full range of life experiences. Many of these methods will be quite familiar as they are often used in popular self-help literature.

Reiki is a bio-energetic technique used for stress relief, relaxation, and the cleansing of dis-ease within the system. In Whole Health, we use traditional Reiki and a variety of Reiki variations to cleanse the body of energetic blockages and stagnancies. This strengthens and stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities. Reiki is also quite relaxing, making it excellent for relieving stress.

Energy Healing
Reiki is actually a form of energy healing. However, there are also other types of energy healing. Some of these methods are very similar to Reiki but use different energy frequencies. Many of these forms are based upon channeled material. Others come from traditional healing traditions or are Reiki variations combined with traditional knowledge.

When we think of meditation, we often imagine sitting in an uncomfortable position trying to push away thoughts. In fact, there are many different ways to meditate ranging from strict traditional models to zazen (walking meditation). In Whole Health, meditation is used for two main purposes: for calming the mind (focus) and for increasing awareness (mindfulness) in daily life.

Guided Imagery
Often guided imagery is lumped in with meditation. The main difference is that with meditation the goal is to experience the space between the thoughts. With guided imagery, goal is to imagine or play out a particular fantasy of the mind. Guided imagery can be used to manage symptoms. It can also be used to work through difficult emotions.

Shadow Work
Shadow work is used to integrate all parts of the personality into one healthy whole. Often, people present a very one dimensional view of themselves to the world. In this way, certain personality traits are seen as negative (needing to be eradicated) rather than understanding how that quality could be used in a healthy way.

Belief Work
Belief work is a means of uncovering and understanding the subconscious programming of our beliefs and ways of being. As much of the world view is created when individuals are very young children, it is often difficult to recognize when they are reacting based upon faulty programming. Belief work looks at these unhealthy reactions as symptoms of such problems.

Affirmations are commonly used for subconscious reprogramming. The basis of this method is that consistent repetition of a positive statement will replace negative thoughts. Eventually, the subconscious mind will accept these statements as true.

Afformations are an adaptation of affirmations. However, whereas affirmations are positive statements, afformations are stated in the form of a question. The theory is that when a question is asked (How did I …?) the subconscious mind will seek the answer without questioning the validity of the statement.

Journaling, in Whole Health, is used in a number of different ways. By keeping a regular journal, patterns of behavior or symptom cycles can be analysed. Journaling can also be used as a healthy means to work through difficult emotions, let go of past experiences, or strengthen the effects of affirmations.

Energy Integrity Training
Energy Integrity Training looks at making the best use of personal energy supplies. Often, energy reserves are wasted needlessly. Then, very little effort is made to recharge these important resources.