What is Reiki? * Reiki Basics * How Does Reiki Work


What is Reiki?

By Tami Brady

Lulu Press

ISBN: 9781257993710 (Print), B005HYL5LC (Ebook)

34 pages

Essentially, this text is the compilation of information that I wish I could have read years ago. Although it is not a comprehensive resource by any stretch of the imagination, it will answer some basic questions about what Reiki is (and isn’t) and what to expect during a healing session. This will begin to lay the groundwork needed to start your Reiki journey, whether you are interested in getting a Reiki healing session or becoming a Reiki practitioner.

Included in this text:

  • What is Reiki?
  • Benefits of Reiki
  • Choosing a Reiki Healing Session
  • How Does Reiki Work?
  • The Role of Faith in Reiki
  • How Do Distant Healings Work?
  • Complementary Not Alternative Health Care

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