What Happens during a Reiki Session?

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Reiki can be used one on one for hands on sessions, similar to massage therapy, or it can be sent over a distance. Both hands on and distant healings are equally beneficial. Distant healings are the more convenient option.

Distant healings allow for increased flexibility, both for the individual and the practitioner. Distant healing sessions are usually set out as either half hour or hour long sessions. These sessions can be done in real time, as part of a collective list of sessions, or through an energy ball called a chi ball that can be used at any time.

Generally, practitioners ask individuals to rest and relax during a session. Although the energies work just as well with a moving target, resting allows full use of the relaxing feel of the energy flow. During the actual session, the majority of people feel a heightened sense of well-being. Some can even feel the static, warmth, or chill of particular frequencies as they are being sent.

Afterwards, most people feel recharged and more relaxed. Issues (particularly emotionally charged ones) are sometimes brought up so that they can be faced and then released. Cleansing and balancing of the system tends to continue over a period of three days to a week. However, the process can continue for up to three weeks.

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