What are Your Time Wasters?


What are Your Time Wasters?

Oh, the time wasters. Those little tasks that eat away our time. Checking and answering our email. Surfing the net, watching You Tube videos, or scrolling through your favorite social media feed for all the latest news and gossip.

Of course, we all do it. We think, I have five minutes, I’ll just get a jump on my email. After all, it has to be done eventually anyways.

Or, I’m so very frustrated with this project. I’m just not sure where I’m going wrong. I just need a moment to clear my head. I’ll just check my Facebook feed for a moment. Get a little breather. I sure could use some inspiration or a little smile.

Whatever the case, five minutes often turns into a half hour, an hour, or more. Before you know it, you are once again feeling the pinch, stretched for time. Then, you hurry to catch up. Madly trying to get your to do list down so something got done. Wondering how you can magically make an hour stretch into two or three.

As if that’s not bad enough, these time wasters often leave us feeling like we need to stay on top of these sort of things. We start believing that we need to react immediately or we’ll miss out on important opportunities. We’ll be out of the know. We need to stay in touch.

On Edge without Focus

Unfortunately, while being on edge like that doesn’t allow us to fully concentrate on the task at hand. So, our minds are always somewhat distracted. Inevitably, this lack of flow makes tasks take even longer to complete. Plus, we make more mistakes, mistakes that take even more of our valuable time to correct.

So, what are your time wasters? Have you convinced yourself that checking your email every time something new comes in is being productive? Instead of taking a few minutes to take a few breaths to clear your head, do you opt for a little distractor?

Awareness is key so make an effort, on a daily basis, to notice when you get off track with your own time wasters. Then, take a step further. Look deeper into the why of these activities, what you hoped to accomplish and determine if what you are currently doing is the best way to achieve these ends.