walkingmeditation copy
This is a classic Buddhist Za Zen Meditation. Essentially, this technique encourages awareness and mindfulness in every aspect of our lives, including daily chores or other ordinary activities. While paying attention in each moment, we let go of all the regrets from the past and worries about tomorrow. We simply be and let our frenzied minds have a rest. It’s a great way to regain your balance and find your center.

Try using this technique throughout your day. Even a few moments here and there can make a huge difference. I find that I become far more productive and make fewer mistakes when I focus. Problem solving also becomes much easier.

  1. As you walk, focus on every movement that your foot makes. Notice your toes touching the floor, the fall of your foot as the heal moves downward.
  2. Now bring your attention to your calf. What happens as you bring your foot up to make the next step? Which muscle groups are involved?
  3. How does your knee bend? Notice how the hip is used to propel you forward. Does your weight shift as you move? What happens to your upper body? Does it stay stationary?
  4. Slow yourself down so that you are moving in slow motion. Then, take a few fast steps. Notice the differences.
  5. Be aware and pay attention are you go about your day: walking, eating, typing, watching television, or even doing the dishes. Notice how your body moves and how the different parts are integrated.