“I am not what has happened to me, I am what I choose to become.” -Carl Jung


Change happens to us all. The things that we plan and life’s little surprises. Cherished moments that we hold dear in our heart and difficult life experiences that ask us to stretch and grow.

Transition is the process of moving from where we are at this very moment to our ultimate destination. Coming to terms with and integrating this “newness”. Overcoming, letting go, and once again discovering how to thrive.

Transition-Empowerment Coaching has a variety of different tried and true methods to help you work through change. Smooth the transition. Find happiness, passion, and purpose.


It’s three in the morning and you can’t sleep. You’re beyond tired, completely exhausted. Yet, somehow you can’t shut off the world and fall into blissful slumber.

What is it that keeps you awake? What demands your attention? What truth is it that you need to hear that can only be spoken in the depth of darkness?

Discover Clarity.       Discover Purpose.       Discover Your Greatest Self.

Discover… is a self-study mini course that aims to help you find clarity about what you truly want from life, what’s standing in your way, and how to bridge that gap. I’ve designed this short program as a Free, No Obligation taste of Transition-Empowerment Coaching. However, Discover.. is so value packed that even if you don’t end up becoming a client, I am confident that you will come out the other end of this program knowing exactly what you need to do to move towards fulfilling your dreams and living a purposeful life.

What You Get:

  • The Dark Night of the Soul- the story of our suffering and the surprising hidden gift.
  • Relax and Dream- a pre-recorded guided imagery to relax the mind while gaining clarity.
  • The Discover Workbook-a series of exercises that help clarify how to bridge the gap between where you are now and living the life of your dreams.
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    Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life Program

    Stop pushing and banging your head against the wall trying to achieve your goals. Leave behind lifestyle changes that inevitably attract even more drama, trauma, and tragedy. Move past stuck, frustrated, and overwhelmed to embrace a life filled with passion, purpose, and an easy, sustainable flow.

    The Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life program is actually includes two programs in one: Belief Work and 5 Steps to Change.

    The main program, Belief Work, explores the concept of belief filters and how unhealthy or inappropriate belief filters negatively affect our lives and sabotage our best efforts to make sustainable life changes. This program also includes the practical identification of unhealthy belief filters at work in daily life as well as how dislodge these mechanisms in favor of healthier alternatives. Belief Work includes 4 training modules along with the unhealthy belief filter flowchart and 5 belief work exercises.

    The bonus program, 5 Steps to Change, takes over where Belief Work ends. Here, we work through the 5 Steps to Change focusing on building a solid foundation that will allow the conscious and subconscious parts of the mind to work in tandem. 5 Steps to Change includes 6 training modules (5 steps and the summary of the 5 steps to change). In addition, each of the 5 steps include a practical exercise to strengthen and solidify a healthy foundation to create sustainable balance and an easy flow to life.

    Each of the modules, every one of the steps, and all of the associated exercises are presented in video, audio, and pdf versions.

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    Price: $297.00
    Reiki Training Program

    Reiki Training (Beginner to Master) Program is truly is a fully complete, all-encompassing training that will take you from this first taster experience all the way to becoming a confident, conscious, Reiki Practitioner and Reiki Master.

    Not only do I include all the things you’d normally receive from any other Reiki Master but I’ve also added a variety of special techniques, master level advanced topics, and ample opportunities for a wide variety of practical Reiki-related experiences. Moreover, throughout the training, I also provide invaluable insights taken directly from my own experiences working with the energies, doing Reiki sessions, and conducting attunements over the years. Plus, a few other goodies.

    The program itself is four levels of study, each level containing 12 video lessons. That’s 48 lessons total. From conducting simple hands on sessions to more advanced hands on sessions, through learning how to use Reiki symbols in your sessions and balancing the chakras, to using Reiki for personal development and attuning others to Reiki. And a whole lot more in between. Then, to make your experience that much easier, I’ve also taken the liberty of transcribing all the lessons into downloadable pdfs and made references sheets and booklets of the more complex techniques.

    As if that’s not enough, I’ve included attunement to nine different energies frequencies (4 eastern tradition and 5 western tradition), two ebooks (What is Reiki? and The Nature of Reiki Energy) for those new to Reiki, and not one but two Reiki healing sessions (done using two completely different Reiki healing techniques). Plus personalized one-on-one email support.

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    Letting Go of the Past, Embracing Purpose

    The Letting Go of the Past, Embracing Purpose program is a powerful life shifting experience.

    Over the course of 8 modules, you will actively practice and integrate the means to gently and compassionately make peace with your difficult life experiences. Moreover, in doing so, you will come to embrace a more confident, powerful version of yourself. A person who is more than capable of living the essence of your life purpose in everyday life. Someone who can make a profound difference in the world just by being yourself.

    Each of the 8 module includes a video lesson, an audio exercise, and a workbook. For your reference, transcripts of the lessons are also included with each module. Plus personalized one-on-one email support.

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    Price: $297.00

    *For Self-Study Programs: Once you’ve completed your payment transaction,  you’ll be sent to a registration form where you can fill in your log in information. After this information is submitted, you’ll be immediately forwarded to the Program Membership Area where you can enjoy unlimited access of the full program contents.

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