The Right Reiki Technique for the Job at Hand


Reiki Techniques and Methodologies

Reiki is rich with a variety of techniques. The energy can be send via hands on or distantly using a number of different methodologies. Each of these methods has equally useful for generalized healing, relaxation, stress relief, and pain management. Nonetheless, each technique has its given strengths, making them more practical in certain situations.

For instance, distant Reiki is especially useful when working on deep seeded issues, past life trauma, emotional pain, or spiritual growth. This is due to the fact that energy sent from a distance works from the outermost layer of the aura inwards to the physical being.

Conversely, hands on techniques are generally more effective in cases where relaxation, stress management, or the release of physical manifestations is the primary concern. Alternative techniques such as chakra balancing, guided meditation, and affirmations are more valuable for promoting continued healing and personal growth long after the Reiki session is complete.

The exact technique chosen for a session depends primarily upon the unique circumstances of the client. In this way, distant healing techniques are used when direct access to an individual is impractical. The exact distant methodology used then depends upon the number of persons to be worked on at a particular time, whether the session takes place in real time, and if intuitive feedback is required.