The Nature of Reiki Energy


The Nature of Reiki Energy

By Tami Brady

Lulu Press

ISBN: 9781105016257 (Print), B005IQ1G22 (Ebook)

32 pages

The Nature of Reiki Energy delves more deeply into what Reiki energy does and how it works. The goal here is to explain Reiki energy to the average person, without sounding too much like a boring science lesson. With this in mind, I have attempted to make these explanations suitable for those new to Reiki as well as to Reiki practitioners who wish to further understand the nature of these healing frequencies.

Included in this text:

  • The Body as a Three Dimensional Framework
  • The Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Implications of Injury
  • The Creation of Scar Tissue and Energy Blockages
  • Releasing Dis-ease
  • The Intuitive Nature of Reiki Energy

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