The Intuitive Nature of Reiki Energies


The Intuitive Nature of Reiki Energies

I ended the last section by saying that Reiki should be sent for the “greatest good” or “the best possible outcome”. That Reiki can quickly and efficiently ferret out the areas of greatest need thus reducing the time, and energy necessary to get to the root of a problem. I now wish to look a little deeper into this seemingly intuitive nature.

Probably the simplest way to describe this process is that to the Reiki energy unhealthy formations in the three dimensional framework are somewhat magnetic (as in attracted to certain elements) in nature. In this way, just as a magnet is attracted to larger more dense metals, Reiki is most attracted to the bigger, more entrenched imbalances in the system.

The result is that healing energy is focused where it is most needed. Initially, healing energies will be focused in these high need areas. That is, until these areas are healed and the energy can freely move to areas of lesser need.

Of course, when referring to this phenomenon, I say magnetic. However, a more apt (precise) term would be attractive nature or natural flow. For what we are seeing with Reiki energies is an area of need (lack) being filled to create wholeness.

Best Possible Outcome

In this way, Reiki energies are merely filling a need. Reiki is channeled by a practitioner. These energies flow along that three dimensional framework. As they do, the Reiki energies are stopped or constricted in certain areas. This forces the energies to be more strongly focused in these locations for a time. The natural result of prolonged exposure of the Reiki energy is healing, reconstruction, and rebalancing of that once healthy mesh. Then, once the greater paths have been cleared, less vital issues can then be addressed.

Thus, by stating that Reiki is sent for the “greatest good” or “the best possible outcome”, practitioners are merely acknowledging that these energies will automatically be sent to the areas of greatest need. Not only that they recognize that this is the nature of the energy but also that they won’t try to manipulate or divert the healing energies. Essentially, that they recognize that their job is merely to serve as a channel for the energies.