The Creation of Scar Tissue and Energy Blockages


The Creation of Scar Tissue and Energy Blockages

It may be easy see or imagine a physical injury, that doesn’t mean that mental, emotional, or spiritual scaring doesn’t occur. In fact, it is often these scars that do the most long term damage. With physical scarring, others can see our limitations and act accordingly. However, with mental, emotional, or spiritual scarring, only we know that something isn’t quite right.

Whereas, a broken bone can easily be recognized in an x-ray, an unhealthy belief causing emotional or spiritual scaring is invisible. Although there may be behavioral clues suggesting a problem, interpreting what these clues to find a way to healing is highly subjective. This lack of objective physical proof often makes a diagnosis difficult and healing almost impossible. That is why, in terms of contemporary medicine, doctors look at the physical body, psychologists work with the emotional mind, life coaches focus on the mental (purpose), and ministers concentrate on the spiritual soul.

Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Interconnections

What we don’t realize is that mental, emotional, and spiritual wounds also affect that fine mesh of our three dimensional body. However, since there is no physical wound to represent the damage, the body must render its own image representing that event. Interestingly, these images tend to be symbolic, often replicated quite literally in the physical body. Essentially, these symbols are then treated as if they were physical objects, attacks, or injuries.

We’ve all probably heard ourselves say someone or something is a pain in our neck. Then, laughed as we realized that indeed our neck muscles were tight and sore. If we could look at the fine mesh of our being in that instant we would literally see a physical wound in our neck muscles representing that emotional wounding. Just like a physical wound, we would see swelling and bruising building up in the neck with repercussive affects in both shoulders and down the back.

Emotionally Charged Wounds

Going back to our domestic abuse victim we see the broken collar bone and it’s recreation on the fine mesh of the being. Since the wound was emotionally charged, it created a physical impression in the physical body. The exact symbol used to represent that wound could take any form. It could create chronic pain in the shoulder long after the bone had mended. The incident could be termed a heart break, symbolized as problems in the heart chakra or even heart disease. The incident might even be associated in the mind with all things sexual causing sexual dysfunction or even infertility.

In any case, these mental, emotional, or spiritual wounds when manifested physically react exactly like a physical wound would. There would be pain. There might be dysfunction. If left unhealed, other areas of the body, mind, and soul would be affected. The only difference between these wounds and an actual physical injury being is that there would be that in this case there is no physical proof of any sort of injury. Indeed, because the injury was not physical but mental, emotional, or spiritual.