The Best Possible Outcome * The Intuitive Nature of Reiki Energy


Best Possible Outcome

Yesterday, I wrote an entry about the intuitive nature of Reiki. In this blurb, I used the term “the best possible outcome”. Today, I want to explore this concept a little more.

Reiki tends to work for towards its own version of the best possible outcome, not ours. We may want to use Reiki to lose twenty pounds or get a better paying job but the energies tend to work for what is best for us in the long run, the things that will lead us to true happiness and self fulfilment. To this end, the highest priority is looking to and understanding the core of physical or emotional problems: uncovering hidden issues, releasing denial, working towards genuinely being ourselves, and a life filled with purpose.

Thus, unless this is your path, Reiki won’t magically provide gobs of money and will not make that special someone fall madly in love with you. More likely, it will likely help you come to grips with these disappointments and direct you towards more fitting endeavors.