Steps to Whole Health Balance- A Summary

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Whole Health/ Whole Health Balance

Purpose: To introduce the philosophy, practices, and basic concepts of whole health, whole health balance, and content filled living.

Whole Health Aspects: Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Aspects


Symptom Management

Purpose: To manage physical and mental symptom by releasing stagnant energy nodules and seeking healing through addressing root causes of these issues.

Whole Health Aspects: Physical and Emotional Aspects

Primary Methods: Reiki and Energy Work


Stress Relief

Purpose: To reduce unnecessary and unhealthy stress while providing useable tools and techniques for handling stress in the modern world.

Whole Health Aspects: Mental and Spiritual Aspects

Primary Methods:  Meditation and Guided Imagery


Core Belief Examination

Purpose: To look past religion and spirituality to understand the belief filters that we use to interpret, translate, and react to the world around us.

Whole Health Aspects: Spiritual Aspects

Primary Method: Belief Work


Healing the Past

Purpose: To release traumas and dramas of the past as well as anxieties and worries about the future in order to live fully in the present.

Whole Health Aspects: Emotional Aspects

Primary Method: Journaling


Attracting Healthier Lifeways

Purpose: To clarify your priorities and goals and then use positive reinforcement and focused action to move forward.

Whole Health Aspects: Physical Aspects

Primary Methods:  Affirmations and Afformations (an affirmation variation)


Genuine Self Integration

Purpose: To gain self-knowledge in order to understand your innermost needs and desires.

Whole Health Aspects: Mental Aspects

Primary Method: Shadow Work


Evolution to Unconditional Self-Love

Purpose: To create a sustainable content filled life based upon the realities of your complex life.

Whole Health Aspects: Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Aspects

Primary Method: Energy Integrity Training

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