Sometimes, You Just Gotta Enjoy the Moment

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This morning, I wrote a wonderful and well thought out article for my next blog post. It was meaningful and deep, touching upon some of my greatest fears and working through all that to once again find the part of me that strives to go on in the midst of chaos and suffering. It wasn’t quite a work of art but it was pretty good.

Then, I went to pick up my grandson from school. We walked home, as usual. It’s a bit warmer than it’s been so the mountains of snow we’ve gotten this winter are starting to melt. Actually, it’s the perfect weather for making snow men and having snow ball fights.

I think you can see where this is going.  We got to a nearby field that is full of the best snow around. Clean, deep, and fairly untouched. Not so much anymore. Backpack dropped and knee deep in snow, we were busy making the best snowmen of the year.

Little ones that we broke after we finished. Big ones that were too strong to demolish afterwards. One that looked a bit like the Easter Bunny. Not sure what that one with the horn (or arm) on top was supposed to be.

Then, the rest of the way home, we had a snow ball fight. Yes, I lost. I’m pretty good at making snowballs on the fly but I just don’t run fast enough to get away from the retaliation.

In any case, I had fun. Not adult, stress management type enjoyable activity but laughing and not caring what anyone thought of me fun. Carefree, kid fun.

I came home completely soaked. I’m absolutely exhausted and my back hurts like crazy. For a while there, I wasn’t completely sure that I wasn’t going to have a heart attack.

But, somehow I feel lighter. The world doesn’t seem quite so bad anymore. Things don’t so overwhelming or dire anymore.

Maybe there’s something to this. There are times to be serious and deal with your adult responsibilities. Then, there are moments that are just too valuable to miss.

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