Is Reiki a Faith Healing Method


We have all heard horror stories about faith healers. The phrase “faith healing” is generally used to denote alternative health methods that work only because the patient believes that the treatment he is receiving will miraculously cure him. When used in this vein, the tone is somewhat sinister suggesting that the practitioner is a fake.

Often such scheming individuals indicate that healing will only happen if the patient truly believes in God or some sort of mystical power given to the healer by God. In this way, if the afflicted person does get better, he or she is seen to have had enough faith. Essentially, God saw him worthy of a miraculous cure. Alternatively, if the individual’s condition worsens or he or she dies, the charlatan will say that the sick person simply did not have enough faith. It is of note that most of these healers will ask for large quantities of money and shun any sort of complementary or contemporary treatment.

Is Reiki a Faith Healing Method?

Of course, not all holistic practitioners are faith healers. In fact, the majority of alternative health care professionals are just as comfortable working with atheists as they are Christians, Buddhists, or any other belief system. For instance, Reiki was originally created as a non-denominational method that could be used no matter what the faith or belief system of the practitioner or person receiving treatment.

Since that time, many Reiki variations have been founded, some of which do promote the viewpoint of a particular religious or spiritual belief. In this way, the Reiki energies might be referred to as wavelengths for the scientifically minded, Christ Consciousness by Christians, chi by those comfortable with Eastern interpretations, or a variety of other names and descriptions. Nonetheless, it is important to remember that this directed interpretation is merely meant to aid understanding of the process. It really does not change the way the Reiki energies actually work.

Reiki Volunteer Organizations

Interestingly enough, Reiki-based organizations such as The Distant Healing Network include a wide range of Reiki trained practitioners. At any time, anyone can request a free healing from this site. Then, a team of volunteers will provide sessions for a period of time using his or her specialized methods and techniques. Unless the client specifies a particular form of healing, he or she will receive any number of different forms of help which may or may not reflect his own religious or spiritual beliefs. Since many of the cases are dire and relatives are sending in requests for those unable to do so themselves (young children, those in comas, or those unable to communicate their wishes), the results are often quite miraculous. At all times, clients are encouraged to use Reiki as complementary care and Reiki is seen as part of the health care team working to help those in need.