Releasing Dis-ease * Dis-ease and Energy Blockages


Releasing Dis-ease

When we are doing Reiki, we are looking at that fine wire mesh. We perceive the physical wounds that are felt as symptoms and create dysfunction. However, we are also looking at those symbols that have been embedded into that mesh as if they were physical injuries creating chaos and imbalance in the physical body.

Fundamentally, the purpose of the mesh is to serve as a framework to separate the individual from all else that exists. It is a boundary of sorts defining where you start and end and where all the other atoms that make up other things around are not you. Essentially, we are all energy made up of the same stuff. However, it is this vessel that we perceive as our body (and the associated mesh framework) that allows us to view ourselves as separate entities.

A Healthy Balance

In a healthy system, the energy flow within that vessel is in constant motion. This energy is most certainly in flux but also constantly replenishes the various systems with renewed vitality. Old energy is replaced by new energy. Cells are renewed and waste is released. At the physical level, we recognize this cycling in the flowing of blood, oxygen, and nutrients that keep our bodies alive.

In traditional eastern medicine, this energy flow is expressed as meridians bringing chi (life energy) to various parts of the body. It is along these meridians that energy is brought to the various organs and systems of the body. Along the way, there are an infinite number of points representing different aspects or characteristics that pertain to human health and equilibrium.

Normally, the movement of energy is smooth. Looking back at our fine mesh model, we see this energy flowing along each strand. As it does so, we feel a sense of vitality and equilibrium. We feel happy and healthy. However, if that mesh is disfigured by physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual injury, the energy movement is affected. With small inconsistencies, the energy flow might be just reduced or slowed.

Dis-ease and Energy Blockages

However, if the mesh is broken or badly twisted out of shape due to chronic illness or injury, the flow can be completely shut off. Reiki practitioners describe these instances as stagnancies, blockages, scaring, or dis-ease.

To some extent, this process happens to us all. Over time, our healthy framework gets bent out of shape. Some parts get brittle and break off. Other areas get heavy with the excess load. Eventually, the landscape gets so messed up that we feel discomfort, pain, fatigue, or any other number of physical symptoms.

Fortunately, energy work such as Reiki can be used to free the energy flow. Reiki is a form of naturally existing energy that vibrates at the same rate as healthy energy. Some might even say that Reiki is life energy. Others might even go further to describe Reiki as the pure potential for existence.

Reiki Healing

Nevertheless, this nature allows Reiki to be channeled through a practitioner and then used during healing sessions. In my mind, the process is a bit like being a tuning fork. As the energy is channeled, it reminds dis-eased parts of the fine wire mesh that it once flowed smoothly. Directly (through energy exchange) or indirectly (through healthy modeling), the mesh regenerates, and the normal flow of energy returns.

The interesting thing is that once the energy begins flowing again, associated areas are also positively affected. Thus, if Reiki were focused on the scar tissue of a broken collar bone that never healed properly the energy would encourage full regeneration at that injury site. Once that energy flowed freely, the renewal would also heal any associated blockages such as limited mobility in the shoulders, neck, and arms.

Of course, in reality, finding the root cause of trauma is not always that straightforward. For instance, if that collarbone injury was sustained through domestic abuse, the remnants would much more likely to be rooted in the emotional and/or spiritual (beliefs and ways of being) aspects. The injury itself would only be the latest layer of evidence showing a certain set of beliefs to be true.

For this reason, Reiki practitioners tend to send Reiki for the “greatest good” or “the best possible outcome”. This practice allows the energies to ferret out the areas of greatest need. In terms of our tuning fork analogy, to find the wire mesh that sounds the most out of tune. Then, once the natural energy flows have righted themselves, other unrelated issues can be dealt with.