Reiki Self-Healings


Reiki Self Healings

The benefits of self healings are numerous and I suggest undertaking them regularly, weekly or even daily. As with regular Reiki sessions, self healings work to clear hidden or ignored issues while directing you towards emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual well being. This can be extremely beneficial for gaining self knowledge and fully living one’s life vision. I believe this is especially important for practitioners as keeping the body, mind, and spirit clear allows easier flow of Reiki energies for sessions on clients.

The process of self healing is undertaken in much the same way as the simple hands on healing. Essentially, you should find a comfortable place, ask the Reiki energies to flow, and place your hands as desired. One again, hand position, placement, and movement is best tailored to the situation at hand. Thus, you should practice your intuition and inner awareness to determine what needs the most attention.