Reiki Distant Healing


Reiki Distant Healing Sessions

Some people are skeptical when it comes to Reiki distant healing sessions. To many sending healing or cleansing energy to another person in another room, another city, or even another country sounds a bit fantastical. Therefore, even though the notion might seem somewhat attractive or intriguing, they write off the method as nonsense for fear of appearing naïve or gullible.

It is not necessarily Reiki in and of itself that the people are rejecting. It’s easy for the average person to conceptualize Reiki hands on healing sessions. After all, going for a massage is a common practice these days. Few people would argue with the relief and relaxation that the hands of the masseuse provides. From that perspective, it’s not much of a stretch to assume that the warmth felt during hands on Reiki sessions could provide similar relief.

For most, they really don’t need or want to understand how Reiki works. In fact, most are comfortable thinking Reiki is simply another form of massage. They really don’t care that Reiki is actually a bundle of healing frequencies similar in composition to light, sound, radio, or television waves. Nor do they need to understand that the practitioner serves as a conduit for these energies which can be manipulated for cleansing and healing of unhealthy aspects of the body. All they know is that after a session they feel better.

The Inner Workings of Reiki

The problem is that without knowledge of the inner workings of Reiki frequencies, distant healing does sound a bit like magic. Imagine getting an x-ray or turning on a television without any understanding of how these machines work. Without a basic idea these are simply boxes that magically create pictures of the bones and little men stuck inside a box.

However, once someone understands that Reiki is a wavelength, the concept of distant practice seems much more viable. Sound and television frequencies often travel great distances with or without amplification. Likewise, most people have viewed satellite images of the moon and Mars. These are all merely wavelengths that have been manipulated so that they are available to the average person.

The actual transmission, conduction, and manipulation of Reiki waves over a distance is often described in spiritual terms. Some Reiki practitioners say that everyone is part of an integral whole which makes distance only an illusion. Others will declare that we are all part of God or that Christ can heal anyone at anytime.

Reiki and Quantum Physics

From a scientific point of view, Reiki distant healing sessions can be easily explained by quantum physics. Simply put, everyone and everything in the universe is made up or atoms. As most people vaguely remember from high school science, atoms are made up of subatomic parts that have particular charges. These charges must stay balanced and will attract other atoms if need be. In this way, even the smallest change in the system will have ramifications. Based upon the precepts of string theory, which states that matter can be manipulated so that distance is no longer a complication, small changes in the properties of a group of atoms could affect another system at the other end of the universe as easily as if they were part of the original body.

In this way, when Reiki is introduced the wavelengths affect the human body at the subatomic level, even over a great distance. These healing waves are naturally attracted to unhealthy aspects of the individual as they try to balance themselves. In turn, this causes fundamental changes within the person receiving treatment.