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When I am asked about Reiki, I usually tell people that it is a traditional Japanese healing technique or that it is a bio-energetic relaxation and stress relief technique. However, there are a variety of different ways to explain what Reiki energies actually do. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • As a range of vibrations that balance the magnetic charges of the combined atoms that make up the human body (think high school science) to create a more efficient system.
  • As an energy that increases, strengthens, or heals the life force energy (ki, chi, mana, spirit, Christ Consciousness, etc) of an individual body.
  • As a methodology of balancing the chakras, filtering out negative energies and getting rid of blockages within the various levels of the aura.
  • As a form of meditation to promote awareness and focus thus allowing the body time and energy to heal itself.
  • As a means of providing warmth, support, and unconditional love to a person so that they can find the inner strength and courage to work through their life challenges.

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