Practicing Reiki on a Proxy


Practicing Reiki on a Proxy

When I first began my Reiki studies, I was eager to practice all that I had just learned. Still, my intentions just didn’t seem to match my actions. To say the least, the process was very nerve racking and kind of spastic.

I remember convincing my husband to let me work on him. He’d get all comfortable and I’d start. I’d be doing fine and then I’d suddenly realize that I’d forgotten a step in the process. I’d rush over to my manual, frantically flip through the pages, and then continue what I was doing. I then spent the next few minutes trying to compose myself enough for the energies to flow properly.

Pet Reiki

For this reason, I suggest practice any new techniques on a proxy such as a pillow, a teddy bear, or your pet. We have three cats in our house, so I now tend to use them to gain my confidence when learning a new technique before I worked on humans. I have found that animals make the perfect subjects.

First off, the majority of animals love the feeling of Reiki. Most will even sit patiently while you fumble about, willing to take whatever you have to offer. Often, I will start to work on someone and all the cats will come running hoping that I’ll send them energies.

Secondly, animals will let you know exactly when your session is complete. They will gladly sit for the energies and when they’ve had their fill, they will get up and walk away. Nothing could be easier.