Nature Walk Meditation* Relaxing Nature Meditation


Nature Walk Meditation

Living in the city makes it difficult to regain that much needed connection to nature. For many of us, being in a natural automatically slows down our thought processes and encourages us to take time to notice the beauty around us. In the process, we see the world from a different perspective and recognize that we are all part of something bigger than ourselves.

This exercise follows a similar line of thinking as the previous exercise. Both look to nature to provide a respite from the stresses of daily life. Nature Walk provides a slightly more raw vision which helps encourage that important connection. Some might even call this practice spiritual.

  1. In a comfortable position, eyes open or shut (whatever you are comfortable with) breathe deeply and slowly from your abdomen.
  2. Imagine you are walking through a lush forest.
  3. As you walk, look around yourself. Notice the types of trees. Are their any wildflowers around? What do you smell? Feel the sunshine on your face disappear as you walk into a shaded area. Hear insects buzzing and birds chirping in the distance.
  4. Notice a clearing up ahead. Hear the sound of trickling water nearby.
  5. Walk to the clearing and find a small stream of running water. Sit down on the large boulder beside the stream.
  6. Watch the movement of the water. Notice how the water travels around rocks. It has a flow, a direction. If something stands in its way, it simply finds another route. Then, continues onward.
  7. Continue the exercise until you feel relaxed and refreshed.