Moving Gracefully through Transition


Moving Gracefully through Transition

Change happens to us all. The things that we plan and life’s little surprises. Cherished moments that we hold dear in our heart and difficult life experiences that ask us to stretch and grow.

Transition is the process of moving from where we are at this very moment towards our ultimate destination. Coming to terms with and integrating this “newness”. Overcoming, letting go, and once again discovering how to thrive.

For most people (myself included), the first reaction to change is resistance. Denial in its purest form. The notion that this situation (whatever it is) is not supposed to be happening, can’t possibly be happening, or is otherwise too much to handle.

Of course, our desire is to fix, reverse, or otherwise try to erase what has already come to pass. When we can’t seem to do so, we then play the blame and shame games. Often, this is where we stay stuck.

We Shall Overcome!

Unfortunately, even if we do manage to move past resistance, we find ourselves caught up in the next most common trap. Pushing. Head down, full out commitment, shouting “We shall overcome!”

This is a tricky one. We dig deep to overcome our “troubled past”. At times, we even believe we are “moving forward”. Then, as if on cue, we are forced to realize that we’ve been reliving the very same (or rather similar feeling) unhealthy patterns over and over again.

As I’ve said, change happens to us all. Transition is part of our natural growth process.  It’s not something to be ashamed of and trying to force through is only going to make the journey all that much more painful.

Moving gracefully through the transition process, on the other hand, is somewhat of an art. With the right tools and practice it does become easier. Over time, you even begin to develop a style that is your very own. You personified.