Meditations for Clarity of Mind


Meditations for Clarity of Mind

By Tami Brady

Lulu Press

ISBN: 9781300082439 (Book), B008X9WHH4 (Ebook)

64 pages

Brain fog, memory loss, and slow reaction time are less related to inadequate stimulation and more a reaction to our chaotic, over stressed modern world. Simply put, while we are constantly spinning possibilities (good and bad) in our minds, our brains are treating these thoughts as if they were reality. Without adequate time to organize, integrate, and consciously check the logic of these situations, we essentially run on autopilot. Then, we are surprised when there are malfunctions or when the subconscious belief filters don’t perfectly match our conscious realities.

With these facts in mind, the premise of this collection of meditations and guided imageries is meant as a series of tools to quiet the mind to promote a healthy reprieve for the brain. Not only does this space allow the mind to get caught up with day to day reality but it also provides an easy to use mechanism to understand the unconscious mind and the belief filters that we use to interpret our world. Unhealthy beliefs can then consciously be replaced by healthier ones.

Meditations for Clarity of Mind is divided into four sections. The first two sections include exercises to calm the mind and become more mindful of the constant barrage of thoughts that our brain processes. Then, in the second half of the compilation looks to letting go of that constant chatter and embracing day to day life. Long term, these techniques can be used to create and sustain healthier ways of seeing (and experiencing) life.

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