Is Life Hell?


Is Life Hell?

Some days, you’ve got to wonder about the world. Sometimes, there seems to be such darkness. Everywhere, people are quite willing to hurt others, just for the sake of gaining a few dollars or an ounce of power. Useless products that only make it easier to disconnect from each other and isolate ourselves. It’s ridiculous.

As a society, we’ve become selfish. Not centered in ourselves- self-centered. Not seeking to be true to our essence and in our own way making the world a better place. Rather, selfish as in the desire of short term pleasure without thinking about how it affects anyone (including ourselves) long term.

If it feels good do it. That’s the motto. Live for today and forget about the future. Forget about friends and family. Don’t bother trying to do anything and you won’t be disappointed.

Have we really gotten that lost? Have we forgotten how good a hard day of work feels? How wonderful it is when we are part of something more important than ourselves? What it means to have friendship and love?

Without a doubt, life is difficult. Sometimes, it feels like life hits us with barrage after barrage of troubles. Indeed, often just as we are winning the fight against the tide, we are dashed upon the rocks and have to start all over again.

Everyone Struggles Sometimes

I’ve been there. We all have. Although our challenges might differ, we all know that feeling of hopelessness. That moment where we aren’t sure that we can go on or that we even want to make the effort to try.

Depression, that’s what that feeling is. It’s a false perspective. Depression is a filter in our brain that turns everything dark and ominous. The world becomes cold and dangerous. It’s every person for themselves.

It makes a person wonder, can societies become depressed? Can a country, a continent, even a global society suffer from depression? Not just financially as in a recession but in the overall outlook and how we as citizens of this society view the world.

Are we as members of this collective society creating a world that sees just on the darkness? Do we walk over our brother to consciously or unconsciously reinforce that this world has no compassion? Do we isolate ourselves because we know that is the key to unhappiness? Do we hide our true selves from the world because we know deep in our hearts that is the one true way NOT to change the world?

I don’t know. I really don’t. Though, some days, I do wonder.