Imperfect Forward Action


Imperfect Forward Action

Perfectionism is the enemy of productivity and the killer of happiness. In essence, it says that unless things are perfect they aren’t enough. You aren’t enough.

This is the lie that stops us before we even start. Keeps us from trying new things. Makes us feel stuck.

The antidote to perfectionism is imperfect action. Breaking down big intimidating projects into bite-sized steps. Then, committing to focus and completely on each mini-task, one step at a time.

A few important notes here. First, even though you may have a long list of mini-tasks to reach your goal, only focus on the next thing on the list. Yes, it’s important to write down that list somewhere for reference but looking at step 27 when you are on step 3 is only going to make the whole project seem too far out of reach.

Secondly, is the concept of imperfect action. Do each step to the best of your ability and then move on. There will always be time to tweak your results afterwards.

Perfection is Subjective

Perfect is subjective. What you believe is perfect another person might not see as such. Trying to please everyone is only going to keep you stuck in a loop of unproductive action. A rut.

So, let good be good enough. Focus on what you can do that will make the biggest benefit. Then, allow that to be enough.

Finally, if you start to feel overwhelmed, you need to take a little breather. Go for a walk, meditate, or exercise. Do something to take your mind off your frustration.

Then, sit down and ask yourself why you are feeling so overwhelmed. Are you trying to do the steps in the wrong order? Have you missed a step? Do you need a redirection?

Often, when we feel resistance, we assume that we need to push though. That it is a lack of motivation, a lack of will. More often than not though, resistance is a sign that the plan needs a slight course correction before you move powerfully forward.

By simply focusing step by step, momentum is built over time. Each task at hand is bite-sized enough so that it doesn’t cause overwhelm. Then, step by step overtime, great leaps forward can be achieved.