Science of Reiki Healing Energy


Often, people are confused when alternative practitioners describe the healing qualities of Reiki. To many, the process sounds rather mystical. This is especially true when holistic specialists say things such Reiki is unconditional love, life force cleanses the different levels of the aura, or positive energy replaces stagnant nodules.

Such descriptions provide a wonderful mental image. They also provide a feeling of connectedness, inspiration, and beauty. Nonetheless, such descriptions often confuse and put off many people. Generally, westerners are looking for a more scientific description of Reiki and its healing energies. Essentially, they want to see beyond the mystical to prove to themselves that healing energy exists.

The Science of Reiki Healing Energy

What is commonly referred to as Reiki is in fact a series of wavelengths much like light, sound, and radio waves. When working with this energy, practitioners can chose to use a wider range beam to make use of a bundle of frequencies or can pinpoint particular wavelengths with very specific healing characteristics.

The easiest way to comprehend this process is using the analogy of visible light rays. Normally, light looks white (clear or colorless) but when light is seen through a prism, a rainbow of colors is suddenly viewable. The same thing happens when we see a rainbow after a spring rain.

In this way, that beam of light actually includes a wide range of colors. The same is true for Reiki. Thus, the bundle of frequencies commonly called Reiki can be subdivided into even smaller sublevels of healing energies. Given the appropriate training, a practitioner can direct these finer energies for specific purposes.

The Properties of Reiki Wavelengths

To normal human perception, Reiki energies are invisible. Like other frequencies beyond the visible light spectrum such as gamma rays, x-rays, and infrared light or beyond the normal hearing range of a human such as radio waves and subsonic sounds, these wavelengths cannot be seen or heard. However, Reiki is perceivable, mostly as variations in heat and cold. This perception is often apparent to both the practitioner and the individual receiving the treatment.

Like these other forms of invisible energy, Reiki has its own unique properties that can be manipulated to certain ends. Therefore, just as x-rays and ultrasound can be used to see inside an individual, Reiki energies can be used to locate areas of imbalance or dis-ease in a human body. Then, like ultrasound or lasers, the infected area can be bombarded with seemingly miraculous results.

Therefore, just as an x-ray would have seemed like magic to our ancestors, lack of clear understanding only makes Reiki seem like some sort of sorcery. Reiki is not mystical. Reiki is merely the manipulation of specific wavelengths and frequencies of energy for a given purpose.