Reiki Distant Healing Sessions


What are Reiki Distant Healing Sessions?

Many individuals have troubles understanding the concept of distant healings. They understand that Reiki is a form of energy that while invisible to the naked eye is perceivable as temperature changes. In this way, they know that when they receive Reiki from a practitioner in person, they will actually feel the energies doing their job.

However, for many of the same people, it is beyond their comprehension that Reiki could travel over great distances and still be effective. To them, it seems almost fantastical. Of course, this skepticism is eliminated as soon as they have a distant session and feel the same effects as if the practitioner were working on them in person.

I have to admit, I was one of the skeptical myself. Yet after having both received and given distant sessions, it is now my preferred method of delivery. It is extremely flexible allowing me to help people anywhere in the world, including those individuals who live in places that don’t have adequate medical facilities or access to specialists such as myself. It also allows me to lower my fees because I no longer have to factor in travel expenses.

How Do Reiki Distant Healing Sessions Work?

So how does distant healing work? We already know that Reiki is a form of energy like light and sound. We also know that some waves such as radio and television can be sent over long distances. The programs we listen to are often broadcast miles maybe even hundreds or thousands of miles away from our homes. It is said that such waves travel into space beyond our planet. Of course, we can’t see or touch these energies as they travel. All we know is that we turn on the radio and there is sound or we turn on the television and there is picture and sound.

For the receiver, the key to getting access to these frequencies is knowing where and how to tune in. For the sender there are other considerations such as amplification of the signal and directing it as required. We won’t get into that here as these complex concepts are part of what Reiki practitioners are taught in their specialized training.

Suffice it to say that for the person receiving Reiki through distant healing, the process is deceptively easy. Once they know who to tune in to the energies, their experience is much like a Reiki session done in person. It’s simple. Just as turning on the radio or watching television seems almost like magic.