Perspective on Unconditional Love


When talking about unconditional love, many people become confused. Essentially, their beliefs tell them that only God or a higher power can give unconditional love. Based upon the concept of original sin, many people see mankind as inherently flawed or sinful creatures that cannot rise above themselves. Such individuals believe that God must fill the hole in their hearts in order for them to be whole.

This brings forth several questions. Does God (the higher power, the “I Am,” “the All,” or whatever an individual chooses to call that aspect beyond human comprehension) provide unconditional love? Is this the only way to experience unconditional love? Can human beings give unconditional love?

Perspective on Unconditional Love

Really, the answer to these questions depends upon personal perspective and how each person sees the world. If an individual views their God as an angry father that needs to control or punish humans to make them pay for their sins then no God does not provide unconditional love. If they see this world as a punishment for previous wrongdoings, then whatever started the process isn’t illustrating unconditional love.

Likewise, if the universe is seen as a series of disconnected, random happenings, then there is no one in charge to provide love or anything else in the first place.

However, if someone sees God as a being who sees life “mistakes” as simply part of life experience and joyfully urges people to question everything, then yes God provides unconditional love. If this world is a playground especially made to experience love, loss, happiness, anger, etc then yes, the process is illustrating unconditional love. Moreover, if the universe is seen as inherently loving with all things happening for a reason, then yes all that is experienced on earth is unconditional love.

Is God the Only Way to Experience Unconditional Love?

Unconditional love by definition has no boundaries. In this way, if unconditional love exists at all, then it has to be also possible whether the giver is a supernatural being or a mere mortal. With unconditional love it is either possible or impossible. There is no in between.

To put this into perspective, if a higher power can infuse a person with unconditional love then wouldn’t the implication be that this individual could then use this experience to spread the feeling? To do otherwise, would make the gift useless. Therefore, if the belief is that God or some other form of higher being provides unconditional love, it only makes logical sense that humans can both give and experience this form of love. The only way it wouldn’t be possible is that if all love, even that of newborn infants, was also conditional.