Secret Dreams and Hidden Passions


When is it time to grow up, take responsibility, and give up silly childhood dreams? Never! Keeping dreams helps drive action toward goals. It’s a question that everyone asks at some point in their lives. In troublesome times, the answer becomes all that much more urgent. How can one afford to live on fantasies that may never manifest when bill collectors are calling and having any job seems like a luxury?

Kids are filled with so many dreams. One day, they pretend that they are astronauts. The next, they are convinced that they will someday dance with the National Ballet Company. In their innocence, every dream is possible. They never question if they have the financial backing, the talent, or the network contacts to achieve such outcomes.

Somewhere along the way, reality intercedes. Dreams make way for goals. More often than not, these goals reflect the reality of everyday life. In this way, the intended end result might increase the potential of getting a better paying job.

Secret Dreams and Hidden Passions

Although not everybody will admit it, everyone has a secret dream. That little something that they’ve always thought about and wished could happen. It may be success in a dream job. It might be travel to a far off location. It could even be hopes of having a family. No matter what it is, this most secret dream is that one thing that they’d wish for if they had a magical wish and the thing they know they will regret when on their death bed.

For the majority of people, this secret wish will become their one life’s regret. This is understandable. Life is often a struggle. Just getting through each day is sometimes a difficult challenge. Resources are tight and few people have the extra time and energy to put into building their dreams step by step.

In truth, there is never a good time to follow one’s dreams. The kids need to be chauffeured here and there, bills pile up, the boss expects another few hours of overtime every night this week, and the dog needs to be taken to the vet. To make matters even worse, few individuals positively support the dreams of others. It’s as though society equates growing up with sacrificing dreams and becoming miserable.

Dreams Provide Hope

What most people don’t realize is that dreams are meant to provide hope. This is especially important during the tough times. It’s not a matter of being naïve. It is simply a survival mechanism.

A thought of what might be can create an unexpected smile. The promise of a better tomorrow can make a long day seem shorter. Sacrifice with a purpose makes the end result that much sweeter.

Therefore, it is imperative that people don’t give up on their dreams. A better tomorrow is always possible. Small steps can create astonishing results. Maybe the National Ballet Company won’t ever knock on the door but opening up to the possibilities might provide a new and profound appreciation that could make all the difference.