Charging Inanimate Objects with Reiki

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I tend to shy away from charging inanimate objects for use during sessions. Nonetheless, I sometimes use the charging of objects as a complimentary take away method after the fact. For instance, I have charged my mother’s jewelry so that she continues to benefit from the loving healing energies even when I can’t physically be with her. I also have a corn filled bag that I use for back pain that is charged with healing energy. Moreover, I sometimes like to add Reiki to my pillow when I suffer from insomnia.

It’s a quick, simple, and easy thing to do to continue effects of the Reiki energies long after the session is complete. To charge any object, simply ask the healing Reiki energy to be stored in the item, put your hands on the object, and envision the energies flowing into it. The more frequently an item is used, the more often that the item will need to be charged.

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