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Stop pushing and banging your head against the wall trying to achieve your goals. Leave behind lifestyle changes that inevitably attract even more drama, trauma, and tragedy. Move past stuck, frustrated, and overwhelmed to embrace a life filled with passion, purpose, and an easy, sustainable flow.

Two Programs in One (10 modules total) for individuals wanting to gain perspective about what they truly want out of life, what's holding them back, what's needed to move beyond stuck, and ultimately how to begin living a full, purposeful life.

It's a pattern you've likely repeated many times. You decide it's finally time to make a much needed change in your life. It's been a long time coming and you know in your heart and your soul that it's now or never.

Deeply committed, you give it your all and for a while you seem to be making headway. Eventually though, there's the inevitable slip. Life happens and your very best intentions quickly fall apart.

Disappointed, you berate yourself not realizing what's really at the heart of your "failure". It's not simply a matter of willpower, planning, or being organized. The reality is that there's something else at work here and no amount of pushing or positive thinking is going to make one little bit of difference.

  • Feeling frustrated and stuck
  • Pushing to reach your goals without success
  • Unable to make change stick
  • Overwhelmed by the endless barrage of life's challenges

Fortunately, there's hope. Four simple questions can help you determine if you can simply push harder to reach your desired goal or if there's an unhealthy underlying belief filter sabotaging your progress. Then, by moving through the five steps to change you can not only ferret out and neutralize these saboteurs but also learn how to use these subconscious mechanisms to find a way of living that feels just right for you.

Change Your Perspective Change Your Life

The Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life program is actually includes two programs in one: Belief Work and 5 Steps to Change.

The main program, Belief Work, explores the concept of belief filters and how unhealthy or inappropriate belief filters negatively affect our lives and sabotage our best efforts to make sustainable life changes. This program also includes the practical identification of unhealthy belief filters at work in daily life as well as how dislodge these mechanisms in favor of healthier alternatives. Belief Work includes 4 training modules along with the unhealthy belief filter flowchart and 5 belief work exercises.

The bonus program, 5 Steps to Change, takes over where Belief Work ends. Here, we work through the 5 Steps to Change focusing on building a solid foundation that will allow the conscious and subconscious parts of the mind to work in tandem.  5 Steps to Change includes 6 training modules (5 steps and the summary of the 5 steps to change). In addition, each of the 5 steps include a practical exercise to strengthen and solidify a healthy foundation to create sustainable balance and an easy flow to life.

Plus, included with your program at no additional cost is one full month of one-on-one personalized, unlimited email support from me. Ask questions, get help adapting the material to suit your unique needs, and gain important insights that go beyond the course materials.

Belief Work

Module 1: The Nature of Belief Filters

In this module, you are going to be introduced to the concept of belief filters. You will come to see how these automated processing mechanisms allow the brain to sift through huge quantities of stimuli in a quick and efficient way. You will also begin to understand the circumstances with which these stimuli= action rules are created.

Module One includes:

  • What are Belief Filters?
  • Belief Filters are More Than Religious Dogma
  • How Belief Filters are Created
  • How Belief Filters Become Automated and Unconscious
  • The Connection Between Belief Filters and Emotion
  • How Belief Filters Become Unhealthy

Module 2: Signs of Unhealthy Belief Filters

In this module, you are going to learn about the connection between belief filters and patterns of unhealthy or otherwise inappropriate actions or reactions. You'll come to see the role that underlying belief filters play in chronic feelings of frustration and helplessness. You'll also uncover the root cause of self-sabotage and how your subconscious mind may actually be working against your best interests.

Module 2 includes:

  • The Unconscious Nature of Belief Filters
  • How Unhealthy Belief Filters Manifest Physically
  • How Unhealthy Belief Filters Manifest Emotionally
  • How Unhealthy Belief Filters Manifest Mentally
  • How Unhealthy Belief Filters Affect Life's Natural Balance
  • Uncovering Root Causes of Unhealthy Belief Filters

Module 3: Unhealthy Belief Filters in Action

In this module, you are going to learn how to recognize unhealthy belief filters. You will come to see that although belief filters are subconscious mechanisms that they leave identifiable reverberations in other areas of your life. You'll also come to understand how overly intense or inappropriate reactions are actually vital clues for building a bridge between your subconscious and conscious worlds.

Module 3 includes:

  • Belief Filter Analysis
  • Belief Work
  • Patterns in Daily Life
  • All or Nothing Thinking
  • Strong Emotional Reactions
  • Judgements- Self and Others

Module 4: Belief Work Exercises

In this module, you are going to learn how to determine if your life challenges are actually the result of unhealthy belief filters. You will become adept at recognizing behavioral reactions that may point to these underlying issues. You will also become more mindful about how such feedback loops are unwittingly reinforced.

Module 4 includes:

  • Unhealthy Belief Flowchart
  • Belief Work
  • So What?
  • Uncovering Fear
  • The Mirror
  • Listening to Your Intuition

5 Steps to Change

Step 1: Recognizing the Patterns

In Step One, Recognizing the Patterns, you are going to determine if you can simply use logical based methods (such as goal setting and time management) to achieve your desired end or if you have unhealthy belief filters at work.

Step One includes:

  • Recognizing the Patterns
  • Recognizing the Patterns- The Exercise

Step 2: Disarming the Emotion

In Step Two, Disarming the Emotion, you are going to learn how to disarm intense or otherwise inappropriate emotional feedback loops in a safe and effective way.

Step Two includes:

  • Disarming the Emotion
  • Disarming the Emotion- The Exercise

Step 3: Getting Quiet

In Step Three, Getting Quiet, you are going to discover how traditional meditation can be used to bridge the gap between the conscious and subconscious worlds in order to create and nurture healthier ways of being.

Step Three includes:

  • Getting Quiet
  • Getting Quiet- The Exercise

Step 4: Working through Transition

In Step Four, Working through Transition, you are going to learn how to achieve your greatest potential and work through life's challenges in a way that is loving and compassionate.

Step Four includes:

  • Working through Transition
  • Working through Transition- The Exercise

Step 5: Integrating and Sharing the Gift

In Step Five, Integrating and Sharing the Gift, you are going to come to see the connection between your most difficult life challenges and the gifts that you can give to others to make a profound difference in their lives and in the world we all live in.

Step Five includes:

  • Integrating and Sharing the Gift
  • Integrating and Sharing the Gift- The Exercise

Summary of the 5 Steps to Change

In this Summary of the 5 Steps to Change, you will go through an overview of the 5 Steps to Change System as well as the characteristics and qualities of each step in this process.

Summary includes:

  • 5 Steps to Change Chart
  • Summary of the 5 Steps to Change
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Program Components

Belief Work- Value $998.00

  • 4 Self Study Training Modules and 5 Practical Exercises
  • Video, Audio, and PDF Versions of Each Module and Every Exercise
  • An Understanding of the Nature of Belief Filters and Their Relationship to Self- Sabotage
  • The Means to Identify Unhealthy Belief Filters at Work in Your Life
  • The Unhealthy Belief Filter Flowchart

Steps to Change- Value $297.00

  • 6 Self Study Training Modules and 5 Practical Exercises
  • Video, Audio, and PDF Versions of Every Step and Each Exercise
  • An Understanding of the 5 Steps of Change
  • The Means to Build a Solid Foundation for Sustainable Change and Healthy Growth
  • The 5 Steps to Change Chart and Summary


One-on-One Personalized Email Support- Invaluable

Total Value


Now, I know that the majority of people would be quite happy to pay well over $1000 for this program. While this might well be true, my ultimate goal here is to help individuals, like yourself, work through the process of change ultimately building a solid foundation for a lifestyle shift. I want you to live your potential. I want you to grow your dream. I want you to take your most difficult life challenges and transform them into the gifts that you are going to bring to the world.

I truly believe that this is how we are going to ultimately heal our world. Average everyday people like you and me, opening to the gifts in drama, trauma, and tragedy. Learning to be kind and compassionate to ourselves. Then, extending that caring to others in our own unique and highly personal way.

So, doing my small part to get the movement started, for a limited time, I'm offering a one- time discount for the Change Your Perspective, Change Your Life Program. The next time I offer this program, however, I will be increasing the price quite dramatically.



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Here's What People are Saying about Transition-Empowerment Coaching:

This a very powerful experience for me. I'm glad I did this. I can feel I'm on my way to new things ~Kenneth

Does a great job of laying down the foundation of how to "get going forward" and stop wasting time not knowing what we are here to do. ~ Jackie

Helps lead you through the questions you need to ask yourself to plan for your future well-being. ~Lauri

Through her words of motivation and encouragement you will quickly be heading on the pathway of success. ~Suzie

Recommended... ~Sue

A powerful tool for healing and self-awareness ~Jennie

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