Tami Brady | Transition-Empowerment CoachHello, my name is Tami Brady and I am a Transition-Empowerment Coach. As such, I inspire, guide, and support others so that they can heal (practice self-compassion, make peace with their self-judgements, and embrace their true self) so that they can live happy, passionate, purposeful lives.

I feel in my heart and soul that every single person on this planet has something that is uniquely theirs to share with the world. Unfortunately, what most people don’t realize is that often this gift is discovered only in the midst of life’s most difficult experiences. For it is often only in moments of deep despair that human beings are most open to grace, enabling them to catch a fleeting glimpse of their true self and their full potential.

The Beginnings of Transition-Empowerment Coaching

What I now call Transition-Empowerment Coaching was conceived in the midst of my own “difficult” life experiences. In 1996, after a seemingly endless barrage of testing and specialist appointments, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Feeling hopeless and broken beyond repair, deeply depressed, and frustrated with the care my medical doctors could provide, I went looking for other options.

At the time, what I wanted was a cure, a way to rid myself of these debilitating symptoms so I could get back to living my regular life. Instead, as I “healed”, my experience of life began to shift in wonderfully unexpected ways. Before I knew it, I had discovered a depth to life, to living, that was unlike anything I could have imagined pre-Fibromyalgia diagnosis. Tami Brady | Transition-Empowerment Coach

The Healing Journey

Of course, as I changed inwardly, the rest of my life also shifted. I purposefully cultivated and crafted a way of being that fed my passion and nurtured my sense of purpose while sustaining a personalized balance that holds true even in the midst of the life’s little surprises. I earned my Ph.D. (in Transpersonal Counseling) and let go of my archaeological career in favor of dedicating my life to supporting others on their journey from pain and suffering to happiness, passion, and purposeful living.