About Reiki Symbols


Reiki Symbols

Each of the Reiki energy frequencies can be expressed by a symbol and its associated mantra. Generally speaking, these symbols have been looked upon as sacred. Some practitioners believe that these representations should be kept secret and should only be transmitted from master to student, without ever being written. Others, like myself, believe that the benefits of the unconditional love of Reiki should be a gift that is shared with anyone who wishes to learn.

Often Reiki masters teach symbols in a level two course. I personally find that the amount of information given in level two is already quite extensive, requiring much practice to master. I think that adding the symbols at this point can be too much all at once. My first master, Richard Rivard, taught the course in four levels and I found his structure flowed very nicely.

Reiki is always best channeled through the practitioner with the energy flowing freely for the best possible outcome. I find that often, once students learn the symbols, they begin to use them extensively in their sessions. Without the experience of letting the energies do their job naturally and allowing intuition to guide the frequency and placements of the healing, new practitioners can unknowingly reduce their own effectiveness. Thus, I prefer to hold off teaching about symbols until after students are confident and comfortable with their natural abilities.

For the most part, I highly suggest letting the healing energy flow without any interference. However, at times, you may feel a pull or a hint of a suggestion in your mind that a certain area requires additional care. Alternately, you might feel the need to draw a symbol or repeat the mantra of a particular symbol. For the greatest benefit, you can do both.

Using Multiple Symbols

There are several ways to place symbols. You can trace the actual symbol on the skin with your finger during the session. I find that this can sometimes be a little distracting for clients, who start to conjure up images of faith healing when viewing these kinds of actions.

Some practitioners draw symbols in the air of their office before anyone actually arrives. Then, the healer needs only to grab the symbol from the air and place it in the necessary spot. Others use their minds to mentally move these images to the afflicted area.

Once you have ingrained the symbols into your mind, I highly suggest using the method I tend to use. In my mind’s eye, I draw the required symbol while repeating the associated mantra in my head three times. Then, when I see the symbol start to glow, I direct the image to the appropriate location.

For problem areas, you can magnify any frequency by first placing the Power symbol (Choku Rei), then the symbol that you wish to magnify, and then the Power symbol once again. You can get a similar but slightly finer quality by doubling up a particular symbol.

Symbol Flaws and Perfection

I was taught that symbols should be practiced until you could draw them perfectly without a single flaw. I completely agree that you should not try to use any symbol on a client until you know how to recreate a particular image without error. Be aware that even adding an extra line or forgetting a curve could completely change the meaning of what you are drawing. This could adversely affect your healing effectiveness.

With this said, much can be determined about the client through the tiny flaws of a drawn symbol. Often unconscious errors such as a little dip, a lump, or extra thickness in the lines may coincide with very specific problems in the physical body of the individual being worked upon. These indicators are often positioned as if the entire symbol were a representation of the physical body and the defect indicating the physical location of the problem.