A Content Filled Life- An Analogy

A Content Filled Life An AnalogyPerhaps the best way to describe and clarify what is a content filled life is with an analogy. Imagine that all of the parts of your life are presented on your personal website. You have pictures of your family and friends. You have articles and posts describing your work, your responsibilities, and the things you do on a daily basis. There are even little status updates that talk about your hobbies, interests, hopes, and dreams. Perhaps, scattered across the site, there are also text bubbles that describe your life challenges. Maybe you’ve even added a bit of personal flare through colour, texture, music, jokes, quotes, etc.

A content filled life would have a balance of all of these aspects. There would be day to day responsibilities that would be balanced by healthy relationships, passionate interests, and perhaps even a bit of creativity or even silliness. Of course, life challenges would be present but they wouldn’t be the main theme or otherwise take over the entire website.

In this way, your website would highlight the best of you while showing that you are a complex person with multiple interests, connections, and personality traits. It would also prove that you are a human being with life challenges just like everyone else. In other words, people would go to your site and immediately know who you are, inside and out, warts and all.

If most of us were told to create such a website, we’d undoubtedly edit ourselves. We wouldn’t add that picture of ourselves with our hair in complete disarray as we gorged ourselves on chips or that video clip of that weird uncle who wants us to pull his finger all the time. Likewise, with our life issues, we might leave them off the page because we don’t want anyone to see that we aren’t perfect. Conversely, the burden of responsibility or suffering might dominate our website entirely.

A content filled life website wouldn’t edit. It would include and accept all those parts of yourself that make you who you are. This would include the parts of you that connect you to the humanity in others and well as the pieces that make you a unique (and invaluable) individual.

A content filled life website would not just focus on one aspect of your life, who you are, or what you do. You are more than your job, more than your relationships, and so much more than your pain. Your website would show this diversity, even if it sometimes seemed a little messy or flighty.

Instead, a content filled life website would have a natural sense of balance or flow. Your life representation wouldn’t be too good to be true or downright miserable. It would be all of you, without self-aggrandizement or self-judgements.

Moreover, because it did accurately represent your life, looking at that website would ignite your passion and make you feel lucky to be alive, even if it wasn’t perfect or didn’t seem “normal” to others. Most of all, there would there would be a sense of satisfaction, of rightness, and a deep feeling of contentment. “Yes, this is my life” (said with excitement, said with pride, and said with determination).

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I am a transition-empowerment coach who guides individuals through darkness towards their greatest and most powerful selves.

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