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The Real Key to Overcoming Stress and Overwhelm

Too many things to get done in a day. Not enough time to do it all. Leaving you so very exhausted that no one really sees the real you. In fact, sometimes, you wonder if she’s still in there. Does this sound like you?

I’ve been there myself and what I’ve learned from personal experience is that all the organizational and time management techniques in the world aren’t going to solve your dilemma because organization and time management aren’t your problem. Perspective is.

You see, we tend to treat our day to day life like our sole purpose is to check things off our to do list. Often, we’ll go to great lengths to “get tasks done”, even if we have to push or berate ourselves to do so. We don’t see the damage we are doing to our self-esteem, our health, and our most important relationships.

And that’s when life tends to bring us difficult life challenges. Hidden gifts disguised as drama, trauma, or tragedy. Experiences that force us to take stock of our circumstances and determine what’s really important. The very pieces of the puzzle needed to find meaning, purpose, and balance in your life.